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Bubble walkin’

I’m not ashamed to admit I have an obsession with a particular brand of shoes: Melissa.

Every shoe is entirely vegan, pretty eco-friendly, non-sweatshop made and simply, absolutely amazing (well, on the most part. There are a few duds). I’ve always found them to be reasonably good quality, and the designs usually come slightly out of left field so they’re a bit more interesting than your average pair of flats, booties, etc. They often do collaborations with well-known designers (Vivienne Westwood probably being the most prolific), as well as, interestingly enough, architects – Zaha Hadid, Gaetano Pesce, etc.

The case in point: today I finally (after some drama with fitting) picked up my new pair of Gaetano Pesce-designed booties. They’re amazing. It’s like your standard bootie, but if you made it out of bath bubbles instead! The ‘bubbles’ are a whole lot of interconnected plastic discs, made out of recycled material. Nicely bizarre and completely fantastic. They come in quite a few varieties of colours, but I decided to go for the clear translucent ones because I loved the idea of actually looking like I was wearing bubbles on my feet.

Bubbling away in the garden

The concept’s meant to be that you can customise them however you want with a pair of scissors, but to be honest, I’m probably just going to leave them as is. Fortunately for me, I quite like the look of them in the ankle boot shape, and I’m not overly fond of Melissa’s suggested customisations. Perhaps a coloured ribbon or something like that? Any suggestions?