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Liberal Sen. Mary Jo Fisher gets her ridiculous on

By now, half of Australia has probably seen this video of SA Senator Mary Jo Fisher getting her groove on on the Senate floor (a popular d-floor amongst cool Canberrians, I have heard)

The Liberals have truly lost the plot – no, not just Mary Jo Fisher, although she does seem to be embracing their new vibe very enthusiastically. (You can tell by the genetically modified ferret that appears to be strangling her).

What are the Liberals pushing for? Do they not want Australia’s renewable energy sector to be internationally competitive against countries such as China, who invest heavily in energy independence? Don’t they want to provide Australians with new jobs in growing industries? No – they want to drag their feet about policy that will make Australia a world leader, for the sake of cheap politicking and old dance moves. They’re the ones that are going to give Australians all pain with no gain.

New research launched by independent MP Tony Windsor last week found that an adequate price tag on pollution will help create 34,000 jobs in regional Australia.  A price tag with some good policy standing behind it – with the money going straight back to cutting Australian families’ energy bills & supporting renewable energy R&D – will seriously help reduce the impacts of climate change while growing Australia’s new industries. Not just that, but it’ll boost Australia’s international standing and make us a leader in energy policy.

I personally am generally more of a fan of direct renewable energy development as  a means of reducing the price, but it’s fairly obvious that a financial mechanism &  economic incentives are also needed. Whether or not mid-2012 sees an adequate price tag on pollution or not, what is essential is that the money is fed directly back into R&D and helping Australian families become more sustainable. I’m quite heartened by Julia Gillard’s approach to this issue nowadays – I was beginning to be afraid that she’d be a dud (just like Rudd, hur hur hur). Of course, I’m sure the wins the Greens made in the last election have certainly not done any harm!

I’m looking forward to the oncoming debate about what sort of price tag on pollution we’ll be setting. In the meantime, it’s really important to tell your politicians that you do support a price tag on pollution. Call your MP now! You can use this page on the AYCC’s website to find your MP’s contact details to call them. It’s absolutely vital that we spread the word to our politicians that we it support a good price tag – the coal industry has already got into gear and are campaigning viciously so that they don’t have to pay the real price of their product.

Let your MP know – it really will make a difference to their morale! It’s the truth. And, to quote a friend of mine – if you’re in Tony Abbott’s electorate, give him a call and tell him the only people revolting are the ones revolted with his policy!

Off to leave my local MP some more answering machine messages (It’s a Sunday). xx