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Free in Melbourne today?

Today, there’s going to be a couple of rallies.

One is going to be outside Julia Gillard’s electorate office, far out in the western suburbs of Melbourne. They’re going to be protesting a price tag on pollution. Organised by a disgruntled ex-insulation salesman and a couple of shock jocks, a few hundred people will gather and yell about free markets and climate denialism.

On the other side of town, however, it’s going to be a different story. At 11am, thousands of people from all across Victoria will be coming together to show that Australians do want climate action. This event, organised by a large number of organisations including GetUp! and the AYCC, is going to be a little more interesting than the other one. It’s going to be bigger. It’s going to be happy. It’s going to be fun and family friendly. We’re going to be positive about action on climate change.

I’m looking forward to it. I’ll be there. Can you make it today? If you can – bring a friend! It’s going to be amazing. 11am at Treasury Place, right around the corner from Parliament.

You can also find the Facebook event here.